When Parents Stop Using Baby Onesies

It can be difficult for new parents to figure to when certain things are appropriate and when it’s time to stop doing what they are used to and move on to something else. There are always fads to keep up with, for the more fashion-minded parents, but knowing when to stop using baby onesies may not be as clear a line to follow.

Fashionable onesies like those at baby onesies will look great on babies for up to a year old, but after that, parents run into two problems. First of all, their baby is more active and starting to walk around, and onesies can be too slippery for their feet that are still trying to figure out walking. The onesie can make them slide around or lose their balance, and it’s not ideal for babies who are trying to learn walking skills.

The second problem is that most onesies aren’t made to be worn past that first year. Most companies just don’t make larger sizes, because many parents have abandoned the onesie by that point. It’s a circular arrangement that includes both parent and manufacturer. The manufacturer stops making the onesies at that age range because the parents stop buying them. And the parents stop buying them because the manufacturers stop making them at that age.

Baby onesies are ideal for children are crawling around on all fours. They can scoot along the floor without scuffing up their knees, and they are protected from scrapes better by having a covering over most of their body.
Onesies have the added benefit of being warm, as they don’t let much air through since there is no separation of top and bottom garments. That’s perfect for little children who need to be kept warm all the time, since they are likely to fall victim to illness if they start to get too cold. The onesie ensures their body temperature stays high enough to fight infections, and it can be worn all year long without much problem.

During the summer months, many parents abandon the onesie, except as pajama wear, and that’s probably for the best. That’s anther time where onesies just aren’t as in use as much and they may become a little scarcer at that time. They still make great bedtime clothes, though, and it’s not a bad idea to keep onesies on hand until the baby reaches a year old.